Rune: A Tale of Wizards and Kings (Trade Paperback)

Reviews for Rune

  • “Rune is an involved work of fiction, of finding the strength to cross generational divides and of the inherent need of finding oneself in the thick of it all and of discerning true love before it’s too late.” - Richard Caldwell

  • "The characters were believable and well fleshed-out, and the story was original and gripping." - Greg Stoll on Goodreads

  • "Featuring a cast of interesting and lovely-looking characters, this graphic novel combines fantasy adventure with a delightful love story. The illustrations do a great job at conveying everything from fast-action sword fights to magic spells at work to sensual love scenes. (There's a dance sequence I read ten times!) The dialogue is rich and believable. The plot can be a bit intricate at times, but it's fresh and original and worth following, especially for a couple of very interesting revelations at the end. Highly recommended for those who enjoy fantasy adventure and romance!" - Diana on Goodreads

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The printed book has exclusive bonus material, including a 3,400 word short story, The Hidden Academy of Tangene.

This graphic novel is an updated and revised version of the webcomic Rune: A Tale of Wizards and Kings.

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